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  • Adythia Utama is an audiovisual enthusiast based in Jakarta, taking on the roles of director, videographer and editor. He was born in Ottawa and grew up in Jakarta. He later graduated in 2010 with bachelor of art degree from Jakarta Institute of the Arts concentrating in documentary. During 2008-2009, he worked as a videographer at O Channel TV Station and as a journalist/feature documentary at SCTV news program. He also have worked at some big screen movies such as “Generasi Biru”, “Mama Cake”, and “Cahaya Di Atas Cahaya”. Then served as the head of documentation of the Indonesian/Japanese idol group "JKT48" during 2011-early 2014. Thereafter, he continued directing music videos and documentary films, finished "BISING" his first feature documentary film while involved in QUBTV until the end of 2014. Currently, he is doing freelance works and involved in a music video collective project, Sounds From The Corner.

  • Films

    BISING: noise and experimental music in Indonesia

    BISING (Noise Indonesia), a feature length documentary about people who do noise and experimental music in Indonesia.


    Official Selections:
    Subliminal Lounge #1 (Hong Kong)
    Spoutnik Cinema - GLUFF 2014 (Geneva/Switzerland)
    Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival 2014 (Lausanne/Switzerland)
    Listen to the Static #1 (Tel Aviv/Israel)
    Listen to the Static #2 (Jerusalem/Israel)
    Asian Meeting Festival 2015 (Tokyo/Japan)
    Dokumentarnog Rock Filma 2015 (Vinkovci/Croatia)
    Festival Bo:m 2015 (Seoul/South Korea)
    JAM Cafe Screening (Bangkok/Thailand)
    Noise-Special (Marburg/Germany)
    Jogja Noise Bombing Week (Yogyakarta/Indonesia)
    International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (Kerala/India)
    Social Center Adelante Screening (Sofia/Bulgaria)
    Oishigashi My Hometown (Sapporo/Japan)
    Grossmann 11 (Ljutomer/Slovenia)
    Rossi Screening (Jakarta/Indonesia)
    MultipleTap Factory Vol.3 (Tokyo/Japan)
    Layar Tancep Indie (Bandung/Indonesia)
    The Thirteenth and The Last Experimental International Film Festival (Sydney/Australia)
    Make Some Noise #3 (Warsaw/Poland)

    All Ears Festival 2016 (Oslo/Norway)

    Meridian Music (San Francisco/US)
    RVLT Festival (Rotterdam/Netherlands)


    孤独 (Gūdú / Solitary), an experimental documentary about loneliness.



    BEST HONG KONG FILM: Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2015


    Official Selections:

    Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival 2015 (Lausanne/Switzerland)
    HOMOTOPIA: Pop-Up Video and Film Exhibition (Hong Kong)

    Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival 2015 (Hong Kong)

    diamond park

    diamond park is a documentary on a skatepark build by Ardy Polii.


    traffixed is an experimental documentary about traffic in Jakarta.


    Official Selection:

    Festival Film Penyutradaraan X

    'I Am Me' Film and Photo Exhibition

    Sinema Kopi Hitam Screening at Galeri Nasional

    smoking area.

    A short film about smoking area in Japan.


    Official Selection:

    Majalah Cobra: Festival Video Semenit Lebih Sedikit

    Tambuah Ciek!

    Tambuah Ciek! (another one, please!) is a documentary about Minangese restaurants in Jakarta.


    Official Selections:

    Europe On Screen 2010

    Jakarta 32ºC 2010

    Lemuria: Live at Rossi Musik Fatmawati

    A raw concert film on Lemuria's last concert in Indonesia.

  • Music Videos

    Aya Anjani - "Hei"

    Bin Idris - "Rebahan"

    Marsh Kids - "Inclination"

    Individual Distortion - "Fuck You For Facilitating My Protest"


    Official Selection:

    Bangkok Underground Cinema 2015
    CINE UNDER Recife 2015

    Nøir - "Prelude To The Night" (Live)

    Nøir - "Prelude To The Night" (Live)

    Polka Wars - "Horse's Hooves"

  • Behind The Scenes

    I made behind-the-scenes videos.

    Mama Cake (2012)

    Bite - "Ksatria" (2015)

    JKT48 - "River" (2013)

    Ghaust - "At Sea (We Are Nothing)" (2009)

    Putra Mbah Surip - "Jus Melon" (2010)

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